Lovely Lanterns

Bright colors greeted us at the streets of Singapore. T'was Lantern time. The Lantern Festival made our visit a feast to our eyes and to our camera lenses.

Loved the colors, loved the atmosphere. We got that "up" feeling. I momentarily forgot that my feet were a bit aching (that's putting it lightly of course) from walking for a couple of days due to my new bright blue-and-silver sandals. So that's a tip, wear footwear ready for walking battle.

Go, go lanterns!


There are many different beliefs about the origin of the Lantern Festival, however, it is certain that it had something to do with celebrating and cultivating positive relationships between people, families, nature and the higher beings that were believed to be responsible for bringing or returning the light each year.

Early Practices

Young people were chaperoned in the streets in hopes of finding love. Matchmakers acted busily in hopes of pairing couples. The brightest lanterns were symbolic of good luck and hope. As time passed, the festival no longer has such implications.

Source: Wikipedia

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