Merlion-Moments-Memory Clips

The Merlion at Sentosa at night time has its eyes glowing in the dark.

I saw a couple of people in its mouth having a great view of the place.

The Merlion at the Merlion Park is gorgeous both at day time and at night time. It is located at the Marina Bay near "One Fullerton". We had fun at its bottom while feeling the sunshine and splashes of tiny drops of water on our faces.

Fascination with The Merlion

And so the search for "The Merlion" began . . .

Since Day 1, we were looking for the original Merlion that my sister used to remember. Hahah, after so many discussions and miles of walking, we were able to locate it, fortunately, before we left beautiful Singapore.

This is the 2-m cub statue, behind is the original statue at Merlion Park.

This is the original (8.6-m) statue at Merlion Park at marina Bay. It's a must that I get a shot of it.

This is the 37-m gigantic replica, at the bottom, the Merlion shop plus my sister (5 ft), ecstatic at her find.

The Merlion at Sentosa Island has viewing decks at its mouth and at the top of its head.

The 3-m poly marble Merlion statue at Mount Faber.

The Merlion (Malay: Singa-Laut) is an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, used as a mascot of Singapore. Its name combines "mer" meaning the sea and "lion". The fish body comes from Singapore's ancient name back when it was a fishing village — Temasek — meaning "sea town" in Javanese. The lion head represents Singapore's original name — Singapura — meaning "lion city" or "kota singa".

The symbol was designed by Fraser Brunner, a member of the Souvenir Committee and curator of the Van Kleef Aquarium, for the logo of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in use from 26 March 1964 to 1997. The Merlion continues to be its trademark symbol since 20 July 1966.

These five (5) Merlions in Singapore are the only ones recognized by the STB::

(1) The original (8.6-m tall) statue at Merlion Park
(2) The 2-meter tall cub statue standing behind the original statue
(3) The 37-meter tall gigantic replica - with Mouth Gallery Viewing Deck on the ninth storey, another viewing gallery on its head and The Merlion Shop at Sentosa Island
(4) The three-meter tall glazed poly marble statue at Tourism Court (near Grange Road) completed in 1995
(5) The three-meter tall poly marble statue placed
on Mount Faber's Faber Point

In addition a recognized Merlion statue is found at the Merlion Restaurant in Cupertino in California, USA.

Source: Wikipedia

Where To In Singapore?

Before leaving the Philippines, I asked my sister "what place should we not miss going to" in Singapore. She used to work in Singapore way back in 1996, if I am not mistaken.

She was still single then. Lots of work, lots of extra money (should I add lots of Singapore gold?), lots of freedom, lots of time (compared to married women), but kinda needing lots of solid direction, that's how single ladies are then, in my opinion (strictly mine).

Back to the question of "the where in Singapore". Her response was "Sentosa". Of course, we have to see "The Merlion", it is Singapore.

I read that Singapore has recently opened the "Sky Park at Marina Bay" to the public. We heard that Sentosa has a new tourist spot, the "Universal Studios".

So we had two target sites : the Sky Park and Sentosa.

P.S. She was insisting that I see the "Songs of the Sea", a dancing-water-laser-lights show. I wanted to go on a Quay boat ride. Wait, she has to see the "old Singapore". As the list went on, we had definite things we agreed on - mass on Sunday and "super Singaporean food" at the hawkers (delicious, authentic and cheap, heheh).

Merlion Park on Video

Evidence that we did get there as planned and see Mr. Merlion, hahah, a joyous moment.

We were even blessed with a rainbow (look at the video clip at the left of the screen). This calls for a "a dance for joy".