Working in Singapore

I have not asked "how working in Singapore" was for my sister. Mom said however, that my sister had some great times in her job as an architect in Singapore. She was one of those single working girls.

I do remember while still employed in a multinational company, how our engineers, mostly graduates of ECE (Electronics Communications Engineering) or EE (Electrical Engineering), started resigning in the mid of the 90's to accept the job offers in Singapore.

Pay was very high and benefits very attractive. The only concern was being away from the family, but some were allowed to have their spouse and kids transferred to Singapore (as part of a compensation package they cannot refuse). So there goes our engineers in batches, the Exodus to Singapore for a high-paying job.

Anyway, just posted this as a breather.

My sister left Singapore to go to the US where she married her college sweetheart, whom she was away from, for years. Fate has its way.

Now, she suddenly asked me to accompany her to see Singapore again, after almost 15 years. We stayed for a night at the house of her very kind friend, Cris. The next day, we all got to see the Sky Park which was opened to the public in the 2nd quarter of 2010. We went to the top of the building to enjoy a panoramic view of beautiful Singapore.

Pleasure and work in Singapore are both welcome.

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